What is The Village?

The village was created for the purpose of coming alongside and discipling special needs families and persons with disabilities. As a church, our mission is to help people follow Jesus. The Village bridges the gap between special needs individuals and individuals with disabilities, and the rest of the church by prioritizing their access to worship, fellowship, and the word of God.

How WE can partner with your family.

During weekend service times, we provide access to ministry for individuals of all ages. Our goal is to support children with special needs or disability up to grade 6 and youth from grade 7 to 12, in age appropriate classrooms with assistance (buddies) or other accommodations whenever possible. We also provide a sensory room to be used by children and their families or buddies, whenever cool downs or sensory breaks are necessary.  

For adults with special needs or disability, we provide a safe and accessible sensory room to view weekend services with family or village buddies.  

Please fill out the family interest form below if you would like information about how our special needs ministry can best serve your family. 

Become The Village!

Volunteers are what make The Village the blessing it is to the special needs families of Chapel Springs. We are looking for people committed to the vision of an inclusive, accepting, loving and supportive church that creates opportunities for individuals of all abilities to share Christ with others.


Volunteer Training | June 19 - 12:30PM - 2PM


The Village Grand Opening | July 3 - All Services


Grand Opening Tour | Sept 4