Scott Leib | Lead Pastor

I’ve been at Chapel Springs Church for 32 years. In June 2002, after several years of serving in various capacities, I became lead pastor. I’m madly in love with Lila, my wife of 35 years. I enjoy hiking, reading and am an obnoxious new grandparent. Ask me about my grandson at your own risk! Born in Northeast Ohio, I am a die-hard Cleveland sports fan, so I am often looking for past times I can actually enjoy.


Hey, I’m Brady! I love fishing, coffee, the New England Patriots, and my wife, Lauren. I grew up in an Army family, so I was able to travel all across the world as a kid, but having lived in Virginia for 8 years, it's become my home. I’m definitely a people person, so meeting and connecting with people (come say hi!) is something that brings me joy! 


Tj Denman

Youth Pastor

My name is T.J. and I am married to the most incredible woman on the planet. I have two sons (who we call Pterodactyls) and a loveable golden retriever. I love sports, including the Philadelphia Eagles, the Ohio State Buckeyes, the Atlanta Braves, and whatever team Lebron is playing for (although him playing for the Lakers makes that pretty tough). I’m a big nerd who loves Star Wars, Marvel movies, High Fantasy fiction, and strategy games. I love people, so if we haven't met, come say hi!


Bernice Fielder

Children's Pastor

You can call me PB; at least that’s what the kids do! I’m a Jesus girl originating from the west coast. I spend my free time hunting for a cup of strong coffee and tasty Thai food. Travel away from the city, and you can catch me stand up paddle boarding or hiking. Quality time is spent at home watching the Seahawks and cuddling with my kitty, Blitz.


Some call me “Doctress.” Whether you want to explore theological unknowns or excavate the seven seasons of The West Wing, I’m always ready to companion you to the depths. My emboldened spirit thrives in following the ancient paths of early Jesus followers in England, Scotland, and Ireland. However, I’m content living in Northern Virginia where I try to grow lettuce on my deck and periodically pretend I can crochet.


Josh Wesley

Worship Pastor

I hail from the city of Champions, BBQ & Jazz, Kansas City, Missouri.  From an early age of 13, I began leading worship and started being mentored for ministry. If you ask me what I’m passionate about in ministry, I’d definitely say “People!” In the same way, if you asked me what I am most passionate about in life, I’d say (without hesitation), “My Lord, my Lady & our Justice”. I am in love with my wife of 20+ years, Leah and together with our miracle baby boy, Justice, our family is known as #TeamWes.


I have served Chapel Springs Church since 2005.  I’m married to Colette West, and have three grown sons who have produced six amazing grandchildren.  I’ve had the privilege to provide operational leadership to the IT, Finance, Communication, Office Management, and Facilities Department.  I'm also a retired USAF Colonel, with over 26 years of active service as an F-15/16 fighter pilot. 


Alicia Tingen

Missions Director

I love Jesus, my family, my job, the Seahawks and having FUN… with whatever I do, I try to laugh while doing it! I love to visit other countries; it helps me to gain perspective on my own life. It also inspires me to share my love for different cultures and people. The best part of my job is empowering others to also experience that love and passion I have for the far corners of the earth. When I’m not on the other side of the world, or serving in our local Georgetown South ministry, you will find me downing coffee and reading books in the sun. P. S. GO HAWKS! 


I took the test, and they tell me I'm a 6 on the enneagram. I’m an introvert by nature but have learned the value and need for deep relationships and community. I have fond memories of exploring the corn fields in the VERY Amish-country lands of Ohio, where I was born and raised. I do really love the country but would LOVE to live NYC one day. I’m a sucker for suspenseful movies, game nights, tex-mex, ice cream and I love to hunt for remote locations to watch the lightning bugs glowing away at dusk. I will choose Star Trek over Star Wars any day. (People, this is a non-judgment zone, ok?) I look forward to cool, fall days with the smells & tastes that only autumn can offer, because to me, fall time = magic. I have a heart-stirring, full life with my hubby of 20+ years, Joshua, and our son, Justice Malachi.


Barbara Dripps

Director of Finance