Why we do what we do!


You will never know if you are good or passionate about something if you never try it. We’ll try our best to help you to DISCOVER your God given gifts and talents.

Once you have discovered your gifts and talents now it’s time to DEVELOP them. We will coach and encourage you every step of the way. The best way to become great is to get your reps in.


Now that you have developed your gifts and talents it’s time to DEPLOY them. There are countless ways to use your talents both inside and outside the church. Glorify God in everything you do!


The Student National Fine Arts Program is offered each year by the Assemblies of God National Youth Ministries. This well-supported and large-scale program is a truly unique opportunity for middle school and high school students to discover and develop their creative gifts in all sorts of genres, from percussion to poetry, from sign language to sermons. They are then charged to deploy their gifts and their art to minister to other people.

Here at Chapel Springs, we have a long history of embracing the National Fine Arts program to nurture our multi-talented students in their creative giftings. Each year in the early spring, students have a chance to perform and present their works of art in over 30 different genres right here at the Chapel Springs Fine Arts Showcase. The students then move on to the Potomac District Festival, with many then being invited to progress to the National Fine Arts Festival. Chapel Springs students traditionally bring home many national awards.

We leverage the Student Fine Arts Program to create many Human Video Small Groups. Students team up to write, direct, and act in original human videos. They stay together and worship, study God’s word, and grow closer to each other and God under the leadership of adult mentors.


Each Fine Arts season theSOURCE has sign-ups for both Human Video & Youth Choir. We then carefully and prayerfully build each team. Teams are built according to age. A successful small group will be able to open up and relate to one another if they are in the same age range. Every team has at least 2 coaches, in most cases one male and one female, and they are responsible for their team. In our Human Video Small Group System we try to keep things fun and fresh by PLAYING TOGETHER, PRAYING TOGETHER, and PRACTICING TOGETHER. Our main focus is to disciple each team of 10 students and we leverage Human Video to accomplish that task.