Friends Camping Trip

Friends Camping Trip

To the Shenandoah Mountains!

Games, S’more’s, and God’s Great outdoors 

Await us on our annual camping trip.

Dates: Friday, September 17, 2021 @ 4:00pm drop off at Michelene’s house.

Through Sunday, September 19, 2021 eta 2:00pm pick up (church).

Where: Low-Water Bridge Campground

Bentonville, VA/ Shenandoah Mountains.

Amount: $40 includes camp ground reservation, food, and supplies.

Female Chaperones are welcome however we can only hold up to 5 adults so please RSVP as soon as possible.

Please respond to Michelene at 646-267-5149 via text or email by September 8, 2021.

Money and Participation activity sheet will need to be handed in by 9/8/2021 to confirm spot.

Please feel free to contact us with any further questions!

We look forward to going on this memorable trip each year and I know your daughter will enjoy every moment!

Packing list attached.

Camping list: 


o  Bandana or Hat 

o  Hiking Boots – Waterproof 

o  Hiking Pants (Long) – Zipper pants work well. No Jeans! 

o  Rain Gear – Breathable, no ponchos. Works well to block rain, wind, and serves as an extra layer. 

o  Shirt (Heavy)

o  Shirt (Long Sleeve) – 2-3, can be used to layer when cold. 

o  Shirt (Short Sleeve, Wicking ) – 2-3 

Bathing suit.

o  Slides or Crocs for restrooms and quick trips out of the tent.

o  Sleeping Clothes – Consider temperature and quality of sleeping bag when deciding what to wear. Clothing should only be worn in sleeping bag, not outside. A sleeping bag liner can also help. 

o  Socks 2-3 pair, more if wet.

o  Underwear 

o  Personal toiletries


o  Backpack or duffel bag

o  Laundry bag/ garbage bag for dirty or wet clothes

o  Water bottle 

o  Day Bag for hiking  

o  Mess Kit / Plastic plate & Bowl (plate, bowl, cup, fork, knife, spoon)

o  Flashlight – With extra bulb & batteries. 

o  Head Lamp

o  Insect Repellent

o  Jacket/Fleece

o  Notebook & Pen/Pencil – Sleeping Bag – Make sure bag is rated below expected temperature. 

o  Sleeping Pad (yoga mat, thermarest, etc.)

o  Soap – Biodegradable.

o  Lip Balm

o  Prescription Medications *please hand to leaders at drop off.

o  Sunscreen

o  Towel

Beach Towel